Not much leaves you feeling behind in training more than an out of town trip. Weather it is for business or pleasure you want to stay “in the loop” of training and not feel like you have fallen behind. When you get in a routine you want to keep it…. here is how.

With little or no equipment lets stay in the routine!


THREE-WOD Travel Program (use on 3 day mid-week or long weekend trip)

Day 1                                                                                       


3 Sets NOT for time of:

20 seal jacks

15 Sit-ups

10 Supermans

20 Squats

Core & Handstand work

4 Sets not for time of:

30 sec Plank

30 sec HS hold/practice


15 Min AMRAP

200m run (or apron. 45 sec @ 80%)

15 Hand release push-ups

20 Squat jumps


Day 2


5 minutes of running @ 60-70%

4 Sets NOT for time of:

30 sec L side plank

30 sec R side plank

10 inchworms

Handstand work

3 Sets NOT for time of:

20 Shoulder touches

10 STRICT HSPU or 4 negatives


4 Rounds 

30 burpees (rest 2 min between efforts)


Day 3


3 Sets NOT for time of:

20 Jumping jacks

15 Sit-ups

15 Squat jumps

15 Mountain climbers


30 min run