Who Are We?

Innovate Fitness is a privately owned gym that has served the Tuscaloosa, AL community for nine years.  We help people realize their fitness potential in a group environment for families, individuals, and companies. We care deeply about people and help change lives through a consistent functional fitness experience, nutrition guidance and accountability. We are 100% focused on helping our clients achieve a higher quality of life by helping them get into excellent physical shape. Our community and relationships impact our clients far beyond the four walls of the gym.

What Makes Us Different?

We believe in our own program as athletes.  We believe Innovate is a program for persons with any athletic background/age/ability who wants to make a life change.  We manage each athlete’s growth through our new member on-boarding process (our 101) and progress them into our regular classes.  We provide future growth through our personal coaching and Individual Fitness Plans (iFPs). Each client has goals that they set, and coaches to help them achieve those goals.

Our Coaches have a defined system to execute the Innovate Method while having the freedom to modify and scale the program to meet individual athlete’s needs. Best practices, support and innovation are shared throughout the team. Innovate Fitness puts the accountability and focus of personal training to deliver fun and results in a group setting.

Innovate 101:

Innovate 101 is for anyone wanting to get involved in the Innovate program. We take pride in our coaching and ability to teach all the movements to make a great fitness program. We use the 101 course to ensure all clients are knowledgeable about all the movements prior to joining the regular scheduled classes. These courses are held over a 2 week period on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Preview Week:

We think that a one-time class pass is not enough to really feel the culture of our gym.  Therefore we schedule Preview Weeks where we open our doors to the public and welcome anyone to come try our classes for a week.  Contact us to find out about the next Preview Week.

Regular Classes:

After completing the Innovate 101 course, you are ready to jump into our regularly scheduled class times. With an unlimited membership, you may come as often as you like and to any class throughout the day. Remember, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it! Welcome to the Innovate Family! Now, let’s crush some workouts.



Open Gym:

Monday through Friday from 12:00 – 3:00 pm, the gym is open for those who have been a member for at least TWO months. This time is used to strengthen weaknesses, get in some extra lifting, conquer that skill you’ve been struggling with, or to hit a workout you missed earlier in the week. Please be advised: this is not a coached class time. Trainers will be present and are usually happy to help; however, you will be on your own for the most part.

Individual Programming:

Are you looking to take your workouts to the next level? Do you have specific goals you wish to conquer? Do you want to be a serious competitor? Individual programming might be the right path for you. We will provide you with workouts tailored to improve your weaknesses and achieve your specific goals. This program is for dedicated athletes and requires a six month commitment. For more information email us at info@innovate-fitness.com.