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    Notes from Shop Talk – Nutrition

    Foods are made up of three macronutrients, protein, carbohydrates, and fat. There is a lot of other “stuff” people put in food, but these are the three macronutrients that you should focus on.


    What is a Protein?
    Meats. Can include eggs, but eggs have a large percentage of fat per egg

    What is a Carbohydrate? (Carbs)
    Veggies, Fruit, Rice, Potatoes

    What is a fat?
    Avocado, Eggs, Oils, Nuts and Seeds

    A MEAL is protein, carbs, and fat. There are no snacks:

    Don’t Rewards Yourself (Or Your Kids) With Food!!
    Snacks – for Kids
    Treats – for Dogs

    What is Paleo?
    The actual word Paleo means “ancient”.
    The way we refer to it is a way of eating that focuses on whole, unrefined foods. That is, foods that are not processed with added chemicals.
    Paleo is actually easier than people make it out to be. You can ask yourself, “Is it a meat, veggie, fruit, nut, or seed?” If the answer is yes, than it is probably Paleo.

    The following Paleo flowchart is a little bit of a joke, but it’s pretty on point. Your food should be easily identifiable, and if it has 15 five-syllable words in the ingredient list, probably stay away from the crap.


    Out of all the things you are affected by in everyday life, food is the greatest. We don’t smoke, we wear seatbelts, we apply sunscreen (hopefully), but why are we ok with putting poison in our bodies every day?

    For example, red 40, yellow 5 and yellow 6 food dyes account for 90% of the dyes used in food made in the US. It also contains benzidene, which causes cancer. You heard that right. It’s not suspected to cause cancer, it’s not a thought that it might, it’s a fact.. IT CAUSES CANCER. Still allowed in your food by the FDA. To see just one article this is in, go to this link.


    Check out the labels in your kitchen right now…go on, we’ll wait.


    Diseases that have been PROVEN to be positively affected by a healthy diet.

    High Blood Pressure
    Heart Disease

    A change in the way you eat is bigger than a change on the scale or a change in your pants size.


    Inflammatory- Relating to or causing inflammation of a part of the body. YOU WANT TO AVOID FOODS THAT CAUSE THIS. A great source for that is the book “”It Starts With Food”. It focuses on the Whole9/Whole 30 line of thought and is a great read for people really wanting to know more about how food affects your body. Find it at any book store, or on Amazon.

    How to do it. This part is actually pretty simple. Think of a healthy meal. 1 chicken breast, 1 cup green beans, 1 apple. Now, multiply that by 5, and cook it. Put it in containers or Ziploc bags. We know that sounds like it’s too simple but that is literally what we do. If you want a lot of variety in your recipes, there are places you can find them. Some of these are paleo, some are not, all are better than fast food:


    Counting macros – Basic 40-30-30.

    Carb backloading – need to be more specialized

    Supplements – Food first.
    Protein shake

    Aerobic (Regular) – 2-3 hours prior. You can ask your body to do more if you aren’t already working (digesting).
    Anaeorbic – 3+ hours prior
    Post workout – simplicity. Largest meal of the day, 30-90 min after

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