• Powerlifting / Olympic Weightlifting meets

    July 25th we will have a few people competing at The Northport Civic Center starting at 830am in a Powerlifting meet… it will run most of the day. Crystal decided to do this a few months back to put her hard work to the test and we are so excited just to see her get out of her comfort zone! She will do Back Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press 1RM. Please come support…

    We will be doing some cutting weight that Friday before at the gym as well and can always use company during that so check in on how she is doing!

    Also, it looks like Caleb and Roxy will be headed to GA for a Weightlifting event in an attempt to qualify for University Nationals. This is a HUGE test and so awesome if accomplished as we are not specifically training for just Weightlifting. Keep them all working hard as they go through the daily grind and they will also be cutting weight so thats fun!!!

    So proud and coaching to do over the next few weeks from Diets, weight cutting, warm-up weights, attempts on the competition floor and all the other exciting things that come with these competitions.

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