• Shop Talk NUTRITION Notes

    Notes from Shop Talk – Nutrition Foods are made up of three macronutrients, protein, carbohydrates, and fat. There is a lot of other “stuff” people put in food, but these are the three macronutrients that you should focus on. MACRONUTRIENTS What is a Protein? Meats. Can include eggs, but eggs have a large percentage of

  • Powerlifting / Olympic Weightlifting meets

    July 25th we will have a few people competing at The Northport Civic Center starting at 830am in a Powerlifting meet… it will run most of the day. Crystal decided to do this a few months back to put her hard work to the test and we are so excited just to see her get

  • Strength Project

    Ok everyone here we go…. It is time to fill everyone in on the new Strength Project we will be doing. Starting May 4th we will have a 630am and 630pm class dedicated to raw strength. This program was designed to be an add on to regular classes or a stand alone strength program. We