• August 101 Course

    We believe in our own program as athletes. We believe Innovate Fitness is a program for anyone of any athletic background / ability who wants to work to make a change in his or her life. We manage each athlete’s growth through our new member on-boarding process (The 101) and progress them into our regular

  • Bring A Friend Day / TRY IT FREE

    Hey Fitness Friends! We are excited to announce that our next Innovate Fitness Bring a Friend Day is August 20th @ 830am, a little under two weeks away! For those who have attended, we know you are excited and ready. For those who have not, here is a little bit about what our Bring a

  • Breast Cancer Month!!!!

    Help us give some money away! We will donate 10% of new memberships that come in for the month of October. Perfect time for those friends of yours to get signed up. Remember we also have some prizes for the person with the most friends that come in and get signed up! Get to it!